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Tired of Feeling Like You’re Not Enough?


Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's just never enough?

You're definitely not alone.

Studies show that 80% of young adults feel like they're coming up short, too.

I work with people who are extremely capable, usually performers in their careers, but don't feel a true sense of fulfillment in their lives. I've found that a lot of my clients deal with imposter syndrome, where they feel like they don't deserve their success despite the hurdles they had to overcome to get there.

It’s Time To Love Yourself Again

You've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self

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Is Coaching Right for You?

Ever had the feeling that something's missing in your life? Like you're always playing catch-up, no matter how hard you work or what you achieve?

I guide my clients through shutting out the noise and tearing down their walls. Once you get to know and love your true self, I show you how to nurture and honor that person every day.

Investing in yourself is a big commitment. Apply for 1:1 coaching and we'll discover if it's a good fit for you.

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As a Harvard and Oxford grad, 25x Marathoner, Founder, and recovering over-achiever, I use whatever wisdom I've gained over the years to help my clients live their most fully expressed and authentic lives.

My purpose is to help others share their authentic story, and I'm so honored you've taken an interest in my work.

"Coaching with Meredith is some of the best time and money I've ever spent in my life."

Laila Chima

"She won't let [you] settle ... If you're on the fence about coaching, you should definitely take her 1 hour session and see for yourself."

Caroline Ma

"We accomplished so much in our 5 months ... I will vouch for her all day because she is the absolute best"

Chelsea Briggs

Coaching Benefits

1:1 coaching sessions are a safe place to find your highest self, find what's in the way of being there now, and gain actionable insight on how to get there. This is where you'll come face-to-face with the real, authentic you.

 My clients graduate from my program with a transformed sense of clarity, tools to keep progressing towards their most fullly-expressed selves, and stay on path to achieving their purpose.

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