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UPGRADE my life

Attention High-Achievers! 

What if… you woke up daily feeling energized, inspired, and excited to fully step into your leadership and continue steps towards your big Why?

What if... you created your life from a place of purpose and passion and felt fulfilled and present in all areas of your life-not just work…

What if… you reconnected to your inner wisdom and truly embodied your confidence to create more spaciousness for joy, creativity, and new possibilities…

...without making a drastic life change, going through years of therapy, or constantly “faking it til you make it” at a high powered job while not feeling true happiness or clarity with where you are now?

This is where the UPGRADE comes in. Prepare to transform and uplevel your life from the inside out in twelve weeks. 

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What My Clients Say


The Upgrade honestly exceeded my expectations more than I could have ever anticipated. Mer was such an honest, helpful and genuine soundboard throughout the entire process.

After the Upgrade, I feel more confident in setting my boundaries and I came to peace and deep understanding with my wounds and how to love them. I took leaps in my career and pushed through any ceilings I previously set for myself. A great community in Venice stemmed from the Upgrade and I flashback to lessons I learned from it, often. 

I think people may feel that programs like this may be daunting, or a large commitment or expense upfront. It is designed to peel back to true layers to ourselves, to become more connected with ourselves. Questions like, what are the voids we feel? Where do the voids stem from? But, something amazing happens when you have soundboards experiencing their own revelations, repeating them back to you. It paints a picture on a blank canvas and encourages you to paint, too. 

I could not imagine a better program facilitator than Meredith and I cannot recommend the Upgrade enough ❤  

Savannah Aubinoe

"I know what to do. Meredith has given me tons of things to do. I can just settle down in whatever is happening."

Sahithi Soliparum, project coordinator, actress, and stand up comedian

"Meredith helped me work through a lot of things personally and professionally that I never would face at this age. I feel like I've had so much growth since and it's only been 3 months."

Cygne Cooper, co-founder hiyo 

"It was a fantastic program, extremely life-changing, and definitely the best investment I have ever made in my entire life. I am a completely different person. "

-Debora Sena 
12 Week Purpose Transformation Formula for Powerful Women to Transform Imposter Syndrome, Align their Purpose, and Step into their Power


Step 1: Lifestyle Audit

In Module 1, we unpack what's been holding you back and all of your deepest fears that have kept you playing small. We identify which habits and beliefs are causing you the most damage and begin to detox your self-sabotaging patterns so you can come home to your true empowered nature.

Step 2: Repattern

In Modules 2-5, uncover where you've been holding yourself back, self sabotaging and playing small, when you learned these beliefs, and why they are still showing up. You'll also do shadow work to bring more acceptance to all areas of yourself. Then you'll learn how to break the negative feedback loops keeping you stuck and repattern them into new empowered beliefs that you embody from your core.

Step 3: Transform

You’ll learn how to rewrite your new and true beliefs so you can own your inherent worth. You’ll start to write and live new stories that serve your most empowered and fearless self. From this place of possibility, you will learn how to manifest and unleash your fearless creator to start taking big swings toward the life you're ready to step into!

Step 4: Visualize

We map out a new routine that supports your highest self while also addressing on how to work with and overcome fear/resistance to make small shifts that lead to BIG changes. In this module, we also do more embodiment techniques that will connect you to your inner wisdom so you start to focus on first BEING and then DOING from a place of personal power. This is when you really start to walk the walk, talk the talk, rebalance all areas of your life, and TRUST in yourself.

Step 5: Integrate + Refine

As you've made these changes in all areas of your life, we will fine tune your toolkit as you start taking aligned steps in your roadmap. In these sections we will cover things like how to communicate powerfully and set boundaries to protect your energy, how to alchemize imposter syndrome, money pleasure, and power. This step is truly where you can feel the full momentum of the shifts you've made over the course of the UPGRADE.

Step 6: Living from your Highest Self

Through embodiment techniques and tactical action plans, you start to embody your Highest Self in all areas. Armed with a strong internal guidance system and powerful foundation to step into your power, you'll begin speaking from your authentic voice like never before and step into the principles of feminine leadership in all areas of your life.

It’s Time To Own Your Story and Step into Your Power

With a comprehensive program of mindfulness and embodiment techniques, neur-linguistic programming, weekly lesson plans, subconscious journaling, and group coaching, you'll be supported on all levels as you re-wire self-limiting beliefs and begin living from a place of balance, confidence, and possibility



As a Harvard and Oxford grad, 25x Marathoner, Founder, and recovering over-achiever, I use the  wisdom I've gained over the years to help my clients live their most fully expressed and authentic lives.

My purpose is to help you own and share your authentic story. Let's begin! 

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Is THE UPGRADE Right For You?

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or society) think you should be?

If so, then THE UPGRADE is made for you.

I help you learn to embrace and cherish your inner self, rewire self-limiting beliefs into new empowered beliefs, and step into your power and vision in all areas of your life. 



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

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  • Transformational 12-week Program
  • Immediate access to all  modules
  • 12 weekly group coaching calls
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  • Access to online modules
  • Text support in between sessions

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