Play is POWER 

When we learn to take our responsibilities - not ourselves - seriously, we open ourselves up to new possibility, creativity, and joy. 

Own Your Story

Everything that you've been through has equipped you to show up, serve, and live life in a way that only you can. Roadblocks become stepping stones and you rewrite your story your way. 

Be the Catalyst

When you live authentically, you give others around you the permission and inspiration to do the same. 


I went to Harvard and Oxford and learned that with an open mind, we can become our greatest teachers

I was raised by an astronaut who taught me to stay grounded and present while setting my sights on the stars.

I did an Ironman and have run over 25 marathons and discovered it was really just a quest for internal peace.

And, I traveled to 54 countries to find my own internal sense of home.

Throughout these experiences (which I am extremely grateful for), I realized that it's not what we do, it's why we do it...and how it connects us more deeply to ourselves and others

Through the fortunate experiences I've gotten to have and the external and internal quests I've been on, I have come to realize that it's all a homeward bound journey


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Becoming who I was meant to be 

 I was an expert at ticking achievements off the box, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the knowledge & experience in the world… but unless you know how to listen to and honor yourself, it’s not possible to make the impact, find the passion, or live the fulfilling life you deserve.

So, I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about embodiment and personal power through my own deep dive in self discovery through my own coaches, retreats, and ceremonies. From becoming a Master Certified Professional Coach, an Associate Certified Coach through the ICF,  NLP  practitioner, and spending the last decade as a 500 hr yoga, breathwork, and meditation facilitator, I harnessed my past achievements and my personal power to create a life of passion, play, and purpose. 

I have been able to create a dream life of travel, community, deep partnership, and purpose - all without making a huge life pivot. But it didn't happen by striving for larger and larger external validators. It came from cultivating inner stillness, embodying my best self, and releasing the "shoulds" in my life.  

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It's my mission to help you share your authentic story with the world.

If you're ready to connect the dots in your life, own your story, and discover your passion and purpose, you've come to the right place

Work With Me
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  Meredith’s program is changing my life altogether, and not just my professional one. Before, I felt stuck in fear of owning my voice and halted by imposter syndrome and guilt. Now, I feel fulfilled and free of the cage I had built myself into before. I’ve pivoted into working in an industry I'm passionate about whilst sharing my creative work openly for the first time in my life. If you’re looking for someone to
challenge you on your self-discovery journey
and help shift your mindset to design the life you want & need, Meredith is the one!

Begum Cura

  Meredith’s coaching has been one of the most beneficial investments I have made . Her gift for listening and her infinite capacity for holding space are truly remarkable. I am truly amazed at how much she has helped me rediscover and realign with my most authentic self. If you are feeling a little stuck, or if you are desiring more expansion in any part of your life: professional, personal, connection, creativity, productivity, I cannot recommend Meredith enough! 

Shelby Raglin

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