1:1 Coaching


  Coaching with Meredith is some of the best time and money I've ever spent in my life.

Laila Chima
Entrepreneur, Former Stripe engineer, Y-Combinator graduate

  It has been one of the most life-changing best things I've ever done.

-Chelsea Briggs
Radio Host, Red Carpet Reporter

  I explored what I actually wanted in an environment where anything and everything is possible

-Caroline Ma
Web3 Community Builder, formerly at Disney

  Since I started working with her, it's been immense growth.

-Colette Bishogo
Harvard Business School

  It was a fantastic program, extremely life-changing, and definitely the best investment I have ever made in my entire life. I am a completely different person.

-Debora Sena

THE UPGRADE Group Coaching


  It helped me uncover a lot of patterns that I wasn't aware of... and I met a lot of amazing women that I couldn't believe were going through the same things I was. And then we got to overcome those things together.

-Lyndy Weyker
Strategic Account Manager in tech

  Meredith helped me work through a lot of things personally and professionally that I never thought I would face at this age. I feel like I've had so much growth and it's only been 3 months

-Cygne Cooper, co-founder of hiyo beverages

 Meredith taught me so many practical tools and skills for self reflection and growth...ways to reframe situations and break patterns. They are things I continue to use. 

-Eliza Hale, Software Engineer

  Going through life without the right tools for your internal world can cause a lot of chaos in your external world...I know what to do. Meredith has given me tons of tools to settle into whatever is happening

-Sahithi Soliparum, Project Coordinator, Actress, and Stand Up Comedian

The Upgrade honestly exceeded my expectations more than I could have ever anticipated. Mer was such an honest, helpful and genuine soundboard throughout the entire process. I also felt that it was a space of zero judgement where every woman could come forward in thorough expression with nothing held back. 
I could not imagine a better program facilitator than Meredith and I cannot recommend the Upgrade enough.


 -Savannah Aubinoe



  Meredith facilitated such an incredible experience and everyone was blown away at her ability to make everyone feel welcome and seen and heard. After the event, I was so impressed that I asked her to be a coach within my Alchemy community

-Doug Cartwright
Founder+CEO of Alchemy Sales Coaching

  Our team was able to set their intentions work through learnings from the previous year and we were able to work together as a team and really manifest what we want this next year to look like as a group. Meredith is a great facilitator and has so many modalities that she specializes in. I feel grateful to have her a part of my ecosystem.

-Cassandra Michler
CEO of Moonlab Productions